DALLI accessories

Bolzenklemme, verzinkt Bolt clamp, galvanized
Spannstab Spanner, galvanized 75 cm
Flügelmutter Butterfly nut, galvanized
Ø 100 mm
Spannstab Spanner, galvanized (thin)
75 cm
Spannstab Spanner, galvanized 30 cm
Sechskantmutter Hexagon nut, galvanized
Längsausrichter Longitidunal alignment piece 3,00 m
Longitidunal alignment piece 1,50 m
Gerüstkonsole Scaffold bracket
Geländerhalter Railling support for scaffold bracket
Schalungsklammer Formwork component clamp, galvanized
Abschalwinkel Angle for removing the casing
Bolzen Bolt
Keil Lowering wedge, galvanized
Bodenabstandhalter Ground separator
Palettenhalter Pallet carrying device

By means of 4 pallet carrying devices, 10 components can be joined together for one pallet. An easy and safe performance of loading and unloading is guaranteed thereby!

Bolzenhalter für Palettenhalter Bolt connectors for pallet carrying devices
Klemmkeil Locking wedge, galvanized, for pallet carrying device
Abstütz-Fundamentblock Supporting foundation trestle:

Height 1,00 m, incl. 2 ground stays

Application fields:

  • for modular component formwork applications (independent of the system!) by using spanners, butterfly nuts and hexagon nuts
  • for normal planking (nailable)
Kranhaken Crane hook, big (for transferring several components at a time)
Einzel-Kranhaken Single-piece crane hook (for transferring individual components)
DALLI-4-Strang-Seilgehänge DALLI-type 4-cable suspension gear (for loading and unloading)
Hand-Hebegriffe Lifting handles
Universalklemme All-purpose clamp, galvanized
DALLI-Abstandrohre DALLI-type stay tubes PVC
DALLI-Druckkonus DALLI-type pressure cone PVC
DALLI-Stopfen DALLI-type plug PVC
DALLI-Schalölpumpe DALLI-type forming oil pump (5 L)
DALLI-Schalöl DALLI-type forming oil "Special"
barrel of 200 L)

DALLI-type forming oil "Special"
cask of 30 L)

DALLI-Schrägstützen DALLI-type cross arm braces
DALLI-Schrägstützen DALLI-type ceiling bearers
DALLI-Holzschalungsträger DALLI-type planking supports size 20
DALLI-U-Kopf-Halterung DALLI-type holder with U-shaped folding head, galvanized
DALLI-Dreifußständer DALLI-type tripod support, galvanized
DALLI-Stapelpalette DALLI-type stacking pallet, galvanized

for hardware, e.g. bolt clamps, spanners, butterfly nuts, etc.
DALLI-Ersatz-Schalungsplatten DALLI-type replacement formwork panels cut to dead length and width (incl. accessories)