DALLI-type 1-man Wall Formwork


By means of the DALLI-type 1-man Formwork it is possible to apply the whole of the variants in the field of the wall formwork.

This formwork system meets all of the requirements of the modern concrete construction.

By reason of the "modular organisation" all of the components will always fit each other whether in a horizontal and/or vertical position.

Being continuously adjustable, the components can be combined at any given height.

For all of the wall thicknesses there is required only one size of interior and exterior corners.

Owing to its solid execution, a long "duration of life" is granted (if maintained appropriately!).

DALLI 1-Mann-Wandschalung


Wall compensation with scantling

Wandausgleich mit Kantholz

Corner area

Exterior corner
Component breath of 44 cm
Component breadth of 50 cm

Interior corner 20 x 20 cm

gb_s05bi3.gif (155816 Byte)

Partition wall

Component breath 70 cm
Interior corner 20 x 20 cm

gb_s05bi4.gif (158114 Byte)


Bolt clamp
Spanner / Butterfly nut
Longitudinal alignmen tpiece

gb_s05bi5.gif (106871 Byte)